651012-24V Multi-function Auto Tester with LED Display


For the testing and safely purpose, SS-6510 contains short-circuit protection, which can also check the ground connection without voltage drop tests. The short-circuit protection system contains the recoverable fuse, so the technician will not waste the fuses during the testing. The extension cable with SS-6510 is long enough for a technician to test the whole system for the vehicle. Therefore, the technicians do not have to search for ground connection constantly.


  • With CE Approval.
  • Operating power: 12-24V.
  • Illumination for dark operation.
  • Testing the voltage and continuity of the circuit.
  • Determine the polarity and circuit circumstance (short/open).
  • The equipment used to test the automotive electrical system within 6-24V.
  • Activating the components with positive or negative current without jumper wire.
  • Include a cigarette lighter adapter, a hook-up clip, an extension probe (85mm) and extension 20-feet lead.


  Extension Lead Ground Lead Cigarette Lighter
Extended Probe
6510 6M (2 sets) 0.8M Rubber Adaptor Rubber Adaptor 1 PCS
6510A 2M (1 set) 0.8M NA Without Adaptor 1 PCS