7620Injector Tester


By connecting with the 12V battery, the tester generating four different output signal pulses for user to check the condition of the injector. By using the tester, user can check if the injector is clogged, leaking, or blasting.


  • Input Power: 12V Vehicle Battery
  • Working Environment: 0 ~ 40°C (32 ~ 104°F); <80%RH
  • Storage Environment: -10 ~ 50°C (14 ~ 122°F); <85%RH


(1) Switching off the engine, then connect the black battery clip to the negative of the car battery, and the red battery clip to the positive of the car battery.
(2) Disconnecting the injector with connector from the vehicle; then connecting the Output Signal Connector with the injector.
(3) Press Mode Setting Switch to select the output signal pulse mode; there are 4 modes of the pulse:
     Mode 1: Press PULSE switch to generate 1 pulse; the width of the pulse is 250ms.
     Mode 2: Press PULSE switch to generate 50 pulses; the width of the pulse is 8ms.
     Mode 3: Press PULSE switch to generate 100 pulses; the width of the pulse is 4ms.
     Mode 4: Press PULSE switch to generate 50 pulse every 1500ms continuously; the width of the pulse is 8ms. Press PULSE switch again will stop the signal.
(4) After selecting the pulse mode, press the switch PULSE to generate the pulse. The Pulse Indicator will light up as the signal is generating.