195712V Automotive Multi Tester


Voltage / battery / alternator multi tester for all 12V DC systems.


  • With CE Approval.
  • With a Magnetic Board on the back slide to fix on suitable metal sheet of cars easily.
  • 6 LED indicators to show battery charge situation and high or low output of alternator.
  • Easy operate & with the LED lights to show: Battery charge situation / High or low output of alternator.


  1. Car battery with 2 terminals – (+) positive & (-) negative.
  2. To check "battery" or "alternator" is the same procedure. Just connect the "black clip" on (-) negative and touch the "red probe" on (+) positive.
  3. There is a "magnetic board" on the back side of the "voltage checker". It could help you to fix your  "voltage checker" on suitable metal sheet of car easily.
  4. Before checking please clean your car battery terminals & adjust relative belts, which will help you to find the real situation of  "battery" & "alternator".
Battery Check:
(Engine Stop) If the battery has just been used, turn on the major lights for 2 minutes, then turn off & waiting for 1 minute before checking the battery. This will help to get a correct reading. If the battery is in good condition, the #1, #2, #3 LED lights will be lighting. Otherwise you need to maintain your car battery.